Researcher - Software Engineer

Recent Research Work

Improving Collection Understanding in Web Archives
Presented at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2018 Doctoral Consortium

Here I presented work done on my dissertation so far. The doctoral consortium allows me to acquire feedback from the community before I submit my dissertation proposal to the university. Here I propose using a visualization of representative mementos to aide in collection understanding of web archive collections, as inspired by AlNomanay's work.

Blog Post
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Let's Get Visual and Examine Web Page Surrogates
Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group Blog

Web resources can be represented in a variety of ways. In this blog post I go over work that has been done to create surrogates, or representations of web resources, for use on social media, search engine results, and more.

Image from Avoiding spoilers: wiki time travel with Sheldon Cooper
Avoiding spoilers: wiki time travel with Sheldon Cooper
Published in the International Journal of Digital Libraries

A variety of fan-based wikis about episodic fiction (e.g., television shows, novels, movies) exist on the World Wide Web. In this paper, we explore how well one can use the Internet Archive to avoid spoilers in the wikis inspired by popular TV shows.

I have worked in industry for more than 18 years, participating in many aspects of systems and software engineering.

Now I am a Ph.D. student at Old Dominion University majoring in Computer Science under the guidance of Dr. Michael L. Nelson. My focus area is digital preservation, specifically web archiving.

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