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Raintale is a utility for publishing social media stories from groups of archived web pages (mementos). Raintale uses MementoEmbed to extract memento information and then publishes a story to the given storyteller, a static file or an online social media service.

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A tool to create archive-aware oEmbed-compatible embeddable surrogates for archived web pages (mementos). The system currently creates social cards for mementos but will be expanded to include other surrogates like thumbnails. MementoEmbed is different from other surrogate-generation systems in that it provides access to archive-specific information, such as the original domain of the URI-M, its memento-datetime, and to which collection a memento belongs.

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Archive-It Utilties is a Python library for extracting information from Archive-It collections. Most work is currently done through a single class ArchiveItCollection, which performs screen-scraping in order to acquire general collection metadata, seed lists, and seed metadata.

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based on work by Yasmin AlNoamany

Given a collection of archived web pages, known as mementos, the Off Topic Memento Toolkit (OTMT) allows one to determine which mementos are off-topic. Mementos are produced by crawling live web pages, resulting in collections that often contain different versions of the same web page. In time, due to hacking, loss of ownership of the domain, or even website restructuring, a web page can go off-topic, resulting in the collection containing off-topic mementos. The OTMT helps users detect these off-topic mementos before conducting research on their collections of archived web pages.

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with Harihar Shankar

The py-memento-client library provides Memento support, as specified in RFC 7089 (

Past Contributor
with Harihar Shankar, Herbert Van de Sompel, and Robert Sanderson

The idea of the Memento extension is it to make it as straightforward to access articles of the past as it is to access their current version. The Memento framework allows you to see versions of articles as they existed at some date in the past. All you need to do is enter a URL of an article in your browser and specify the desired date in a browser plug-in. This way you can browse the Web of the past. What the Memento extension will present to you is a version of the article as it existed on or very close to the selected date. Obviously, this will only work if previous (archived) versions are available on the Web. Fortunately, MediaWiki is a Content Management System which implies that it maintains all revisions made to an article. This extension leverages this archiving functionality and provides native Memento support for MediaWiki.

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Team: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Atlantic
  • RSupply
  • R-ADM
  • Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity
  • NTCSS Desktop
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