June 2018
Audience: Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2018 Doctoral Consortium

Here I presented work done on my dissertation so far. The doctoral consortium allows me to acquire feedback from the community before I submit my dissertation proposal to the university. Here I propose using a visualization of representative mementos to aide in collection understanding of web archive collections, as inspired by AlNomanay's work.

Image of me presenting at DTMH 2017
November 2017
Audience: Dodging the Memory Hole 2017

This is a presentation of social media storytelling tools that were covered in a blog post written for the Web Science and Digital Libraries research group.

July 2017
Audience: Special Libraries Association New Mexico Chapter

A presentation of the work I had done with the Research Library Prototyping Team at Los Alamos National Laboratory given to the local chapter of the Special Libraries Association in New Mexico.

March 2015
Audience: Old Dominion University Computer Science Department

A variety of fan-based wikis about episodic fiction (e.g., television shows, novels, movies) exist on the World Wide Web. In this presentation, I detailed issues with using the Interent Archive to avoid spoilers.

June 2014
Audience: WikiConference USA 2014

The rise in fan-based wikis allows fans to discuss TV shows and books in ways never before seen. Unfortunately, as fans, we have the problem of spoilers. In this talk I demonstrate how one can use the Memento MediaWiki Extension to avoid spoilers in fan wikis.

June 2014
Audience: WikiConference USA 2014

The Internet Archive attempts to reconstruct web pages via snapshots (Mementos) that are taken of pages at various points in time. Many pages change more frequently than the Internet Archive can capture them, meaning that some revisions of a given web page are lost forever. Mediawiki, however, has all past revisions of a given page, and also its associated external resources.

December 2013
Audience: YouTube Viewers

This video shows how to use the Memento Mediawiki Extension to avoid spoilers on fan-based wikis. To achieve this, the Memento Mediawiki Extension must be installed on the given fan-based wiki, and then used with the Memento Chrome Extension.

December 2013
Audience: YouTube Viewers

The Memento Chrome Extension can help avoid spoilers in fan wikis. This video briefly demonstrates how it does so.

June 2013
Audience: Defense Acquisition University

This is a brief presentation on Continuous Integration for the Defense Acquisition University, providing a simple overview of the how and why of Continuous Integration.

April 2013
Audience: Local ACM Chapter of Old Dominion University

I was invited to presented Test Driven Development to the ODU chapter of the ACM. Here I provide an introduction to the methodology, why one should use it, and the results of personal experience using the methodology, as well as why some do not think it is worthwhile.